Here’s Welsh Art-Pop Duo HMS MORRIS And Their New Mesmeric Single ‘BABANOD’

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1 February 2020

After two multifaceted and inventive LPs Intern Design (2016) and Inspirational Talks (2018), lots of touring and a Welsh Music Prize nomination experimental pop duo HMS MORRIS is gearing up for a series of singles this year. The first one ‘BABANOD‘ (in English: Babies) will be officially out on 7th February.

“The impetus for writing ‘Babanod’ was the awkward moment in your friend’s wedding when someone feels compelled to reassure you that “you’ll be next”. In that situation, surrounded
by married couples and young children, how do you assert your right to a slightly alternative lifestyle, something other than just moving directly from graduation to marriage to parenthood, without sounding like a total dick? Better to smile, bottle it up, and release it in a song when you get home.”

Babanod, partly sung in English, partly in Welsh, is an endearing art-pop pearl. It starts with pulsating synths and the starry-eyed and gorgeous voice of singer Heledd Watkin floating slowly but surely to the amplified, angelic and polyphonic choir chorus causing a spine-tingling experience and making me think of the atmospheric and ethereal resonance of former Scottish duo Cocteau Twins. The dynamizing sequence near the end where ardent guitar electricity is backed by the choir adds a rousing sensation to this mesmeric beauty.

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“You’ll be next”…