Amazon Duo DAISY GRENADE Hit Bullseye With Frisky Pop Debut Single ‘BABY BLACKOUT’

New striking strokes

29 March 2022

Who: Thrilling pop-punk duo Dani Nigro and
Keaton Whittaker from New York Fucking City.

Debut single: BABY BLACKOUT
From the pair’s debut EP Sophomore Slump, produced
by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Alex Suarez of Cobra Starship.

Whittaker in an interview with Alternative Press: “Baby Blackout” wasn’t actually
our track to begin with! Pete Wentz sent it to us about a year ago – it was a demo he
had written for another project. This original demo was written and produced around
2010, I believe. We talked for a long time deciding how we wanted to update it and make
it ours. We actually went through a completely different version before we landed
on the one that you’re about to hear.”
Full interview here.

A couple of times a telephone voice pops up with the question ‘I love the song,
what the fucking is it about?”
Well, Baby Blackout is about a damaging alcoholic
relationship. Musically, it’s frisky pop ecstasy with a punky edge, a jittery flare-up
with the thrilling tandem’s energetic vocals uplifting this belter to a scream-along
discharge. Pump up the jam, ladies.

Press play and go bonkers…

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