The Beautiful Freak Is Back – EELS Wants To Make It Real

New sonic impulses…

12 August 2020

The last time we heard from beautiful freak OLIVER EVERETT
and EELS was with the release of 2018 album The Deconstruction.

And now out of the blue comes the new single called ‘BABY LET’s MAKE IT REAL’
without any additional info. Nothing about a new album or more new stuff.

The new piece is as well sonically as lyrically vintage Eels. A reflective, wistful
and strangely catchy tune and great lines like “It’s a plea to turn an ongoing thing
into an actual romantic relationship with deadpan lines like “Baby, you’re a full meal,
the way you make me feel/ It’s kind of a big deal/ Baby, let’s make it real.”

For real here…

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