Another Unreleased Track By DAVID BOWIE – Listen Here To Blistering Steamroller ‘BABY UNIVERSAL ’97’…

New sonic impulses

31 January 2020

(the photograph in today’s graphic was taken in NY in 1996 by Albert Watson)

Six unreleased tracks (reworked versions of original songs) from DAVID BOWIE‘s
archives will be part of an EP called Is It Any Wonder? out next month. So far
three tracks were revealed: The Man Who Sold The World (ChangesNowBowie
version), I Can’t Read 97 (the original version was on first Tin Machine album)
and Stay 97 (the original version was on Station To Station LP)

Today we can listen to the fourth track. The original version BABY UNIVERSAL ’97
was on Tin Machine II released in 1991, and was co-written with the band’s guitarist Reeves Gabrels. A new stormy version was recorded by Bowie during
his sessions for his 1997 album Earthling .

Here’s the audio clip for the blistering steamroller…