Sexy Soul Voice – JESS KNIGHTS Steams On New Spicy Single ‘BABY WON’T YOU STAY’

23 May 2020

In these surreal isolation times we all can use some uplifting music to keep our
minds off daily reality for a while like with the new steamy single ‘BABY WON’T
by towering Canadian soul voice JESS KNIGHTS‘ out of Calgary,
Alberta, Canada.

A song “written on Eleuthera, an Island in the Bahamas that translates to a feminine
freedom in Greek. It’s about letting yourself indulge in the free and fun moments in life
with someone you enjoy. Taking a little extra time to be present, feel good and let a little
love in.”

Oh my, oh my, what a powerhouse vox. Dynamic, overwhelming, and fueled by a
get-up-and-go ardency, but also sexy, spicy, and stimulating. Knights traveled back in
time and returned with this stone gold Motown belter stoked up by a sultry horn section, screaming guitars and an overall fiery orchestration. ‘Baby Won’t You Stay’ could be a perfect tribute to The Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Oh yeah, that terrifically forceful with a highly striking impact. Respect!

Turn it up…

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Stay baby…