Pretty Gorgeous – BABYBIRD Covers Joy Division, The La’s Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Beach Boys, Daft Punk And More

28 January 2022

Who: British singer-songwriter Stephen Jones project

Active: 1995–present / Released about a thousand records,
the greater part via Bandcamp where you can buy his full
discography for the ridiculous price of £24.76.

Album Of The Day: COVERS
Released: 11 June 2021

Turn Up The Volume: Since the corona pandemic started tormenting our
planet in early 2020, a musical pandemic emerged too. Suddenly countless
artists began to cover other artists. It became a trend overnight.

Some delivered great interpretations, but most failed because, well you know,
they didn’t put their heart and soul (and time) in it as they just wanted something
to be out very quickly to keep their fans in lockdown happy and also wanted to stay connected with them to keep them warm for new work in the future (of which the
release was held back by record labels who feared for low sales during the pandemic).

But (you knew a but was coming) here’s one covers collection
that works terrifically well (definitely for my ears).

Babybird picked classic songs from Joy Division, Bob Dylan, Sonny & Cher, The La’s, Daft
Punk, Beach Boys
and more. And why do his covers work? Because he lets all the songs’ melodies thrive into a tranquilizing haze of sparky synths creating a laid-back atmosphere and because, as usual, his melancholia-colored voice lifts his vocal performances to a
soul-stirring and intimate level. That’s why. Pretty gorgeous.

You can download it all for free
via the Bandcamp link below.

There he goes

BABYBIRD: Twitter – Bandcamp

BABYBIRD – Gorgeous Album ‘UGLY BEAUTIFUL’ Turns 25

20 October 2021

Who: The musical project of Stephen Jones
Albums: About a million – dive into his discography on
Bandcamp starting with An Introduction To Babybird

Anniversary album: UGLY BEAUTIFUL – 6th LP
Released: 21 October 1996 – 25 years ago tomorrow

Independent (UK newspaper) wrote at the time: Another South Yorkshire sexual
ironist to set alongside Jarvis, Babybird’s Stephen Jones delves here into clefts and
crannies most people would rather leave unprobed. Dizzy with the deceptive power of
words, for instance, he never leaves a pun unspoken… the most noticeable result of Jones’s decision to re-record several of the songs from his four previous solo Baby Bird LPs with his
new backing band, a durable group able to turn their hand to all manner of pop strategies, from the wistful Mediterranean MOR of “Bad Shave” to the trip-hop of “Atomic Soda”. The improvements are significant. It’s not just that the songs sound less like dashed-off demos – there is also an increased depth of musical character to them, which renders them more
like collective notions rather than the mad imaginings of a marginalised loner.

Turn Up The Volume: In a ‘normal’ world Jones should be up there with the best singer/songwriters/crooners such as Nick Cave, Matt Berninger, Matt Sweeney, Leonard Cohen (no, I’m not an idiot), and several other mood swing artists who love to mess
up your mind, heart, and soul.

Ugly Beautiful is where Jones translates his imaginative and twisted world into brilliant pop songs like Goodnight, Jesus Is My Girlfriend (song title!), Atomic Soda, Dead Birds Sing (tower of song) and of course the hits, You’re So Gorgeous and Candy Girl . Fuck the normal world, Ugly Beautiful is a masterpiece in my twisted world.

Singles/clips: Goodnight / You’re Gorgeous / Candy Girl




Full album…



5 March 2021

Artist: STEPHEN JONES aka BABYBIRD (Sheffield)
Who: A 24/7 music thinking/breathing/dreaming/making
maverick with a striking voice and a sharp, poetic pen. So
much more than that one (awesome) monster hit.

Over 100 releases in the last 4 years!!

Jones explains: “Music is a jail and I can’t get out of it.”

Released: 2 March 2021

Turn Up The Volume: Want a waterfall of high-quality songwriting with
a wayward edge, an ugly/beautiful mind, and a there must be something
quest? Then buy this album, dim the lights and listen, play it once
more and then again, get familiar with it. You’ll cherish this introduction
in the end.

On second thoughts: just buy his whole Full Digital Discography
(78 records for only £49.31 GBP) here. Take a vacation for about
three months (without telling anybody), somewhere in a cozy cabin
in the mountains, and press play.

Goodbye world, hello Babybird


BIG BLASTS FROM THE PAST – 5 Stellar Albums Turning 25 In 2021

These five stellar albums celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2021

1. Everything Must Go by MANIC STREET PREACHERS (Wales)

Released: 20 May 1996 – 4th LP
The Guardian (UK) wrote: “‘Everything Must Go’ achieved the zenith of the Welshmen’s
original ambition: to conquer the mainstream with anger, art and soul.”

Stream here…

2. Ugly Beautiful by BABYBIRD (UK)

Released: 21 October 1996 – sixth LP
The Independent wrote: “Another South Yorkshire sexual ironist to set alongside Jarvis, Babybird’s Stephen Jones delves here into clefts and crannies most people would rather
leave unprobed.”

Stream here…

3. ‘Odelay’ by BECK (US)

Released: 18 June 1996 – fifth LP
AllMusic wrote: “Odelay is a full-fledged, full-bodied album, released on a major label bearing an intricate, meticulous production by the Dust Brothers…Like a mosaic, all the details add up to a picture greater than its parts”

Stream here…

4. Entroducing… by DJ SHADOW (US)

Released: 16 September 1996 – debut LP
Melody Maker wrote: “The album flips hip hop inside out all over again
like a reversible glove. You need this record. You are incomplete without it.”

Stream here…

5. Scream, Dracula, Scream! by ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT (US)

Released: 10 October 1996 – fourth LP
NME wrote: “Play it loud enough and the neighbours will complain to the fuzz
that a bunch of Hell’s Angels are having a party… Inhale this fuel. Rocket From
The Crypt are blasting. Get burned.”

Stream here…


BIG BLASTS FROM THE PAST – 5 Stunning Singles Turning 25 In 2021


One word: EPIC!

We don’t talk about love
We only wanna get drunk
And we are not allowed to spend
As we are told that this is the end

2. Don’t Look Back In Anger by OASIS

Shivers down your spine, and when thousands
sing along it’s a flabbergasting experience…

And so Sally can wait
She knows it’s too late
As we’re walking on by
Her soul slides away
But don’t look back in anger
I heard you say

3. You’re Gorgeous by BABYBIRD

Not really the love song many thought it was. Anyway
a titanic tune, I and many lovers, never get tired of…

Because you’re gorgeous
I’d do anything for you
Because you’re gorgeous
I know you’ll get me through

4. Firestarter by THE PRODIGY

Inflammable techno stormer. Rest in peace, Keith Flint

I’m the trouble starter, punkin’ instigator
I’m the fear addicted, a danger illustrated
I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter
You’re a firestarter, twisted firestarter
I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter

5. Devils Haircut by BECK

Not a loser at all…

Somethin’s wrong cause my mind is fading,
And everywhere I look there’s a dead end waiting,
Temperature’s dropping at the rotten oasis
Stealing kisses from the leprous faces

Got a devil’s haircut in my mind

BABYBIRD – Watch This Awesome Live Performance Of ‘YOU’RE GORGEOUS’ – Norwegian TV in 1996

Memorable live moments…

It always feels great when you discover something special you never have seen
before when surfing on YouTube. Like this magical version of YOU’RE GORGEOUS,
the greatest hit BABYBIRD ever scored, on Norwegian TV back in 1996. A gripping performance that sends shivers down your spine and reminds you instantly of how spellbinding and affecting Stephen Jones‘ voice is. Bewitching, touching and impressive. One of the most underrated artists ever.

Here’s why…

While you’re here check out Jones‘ latest album
I WAS BORN AGAIN released in 2019. His ninth
lo-fi album since the nineties. A wonderful and
intimate record. Music for the midnight hours.

BABYBIRD: Twitter – Facebook

Thanks to Trygve Østbye for posting this video


BABYBIRD Drops Darksome ‘NO CAMERAS’ Reflection From Upcoming LP…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 June 2019

Those who only know Stephen Jones aka BABYBIRD from his massive 1996 hit single
Your Gorgeous‘ (from the magnificent, gloomy Ugly Beautiful album) think that he
was just a one hit wonder. For those, like me, who kept track with this quite unique singer/songwriter/musician (check his splendid There’s Something Going On LP if you never heard it) we saw an artist who never stopped following his enigmatic and troubled muse. Check his Bandcamp page here and his Spotify here and you’ll wonder if  the man actually ever slept.

And now BABYBIRD is back from being never been away but this time with something really special. His first vinyl album in 21 years, entitled PHOTOSYNTHESIS will be out on 19th July. And here’s the newest single. NO CAMERAS feels like a bluesy torch song, like
a critical take on this modern times ‘Me, myself and I‘ photo epidemic. But you are never quite sure about Jones‘ ambiguous and/or inscrutable chain of thoughts. Anyway this stirring contemplation causes chills down your back. Absorb the mood right here…

BABYBIRD: Facebook

PHOTOSYNTHESIS – out 19th July – all info and pre-order facilities here