ELEPHANT STONE – Canadian Psych-Pop Dreamers Drop New Rainbow Single ‘THE SPARK’

New striking strokes

12 October 2023

Photo by Laurine Jousserand

It’s always an aural pleasure to have Canadian psych-pop dreamers ELEPHANT STONE
on my headphones (and see them play live), and it’s always a thrill when they come up with new music, which they have done for almost 15 years now, fronted by maestro, sitar-player Rishi Dhir.

Their sixth longplayer, baptized BACK INTO THE DREAM
will see the day of light on 24 February 2024. Order-info here.

“Centred on the enigma of dreams—whether they’re subconscious murmurings or portals to parallel universes—’Back Into the Dream’ encapsulates the eternal cycle of waking and dreaming. “We’re perpetually oscillating between two realms, trying to comprehend each. If our music can serve as a bridge between these worlds, then we’ve accomplished our mission,” says Dhir.

Album artwork

New single: THE SPARK
The 4th shared piece from
the upcoming LP. Stream them
all 4 below.

Rishi Dhir: “Crafting a song is like tapping into a kind of magic that exists beyond the realm of the ordinary. I’m in perpetual pursuit of that elusive sensation—the spark that turns fleeting thoughts into something immortal. ‘The Spark’ is my love letter to the art of songwriting, a tribute to the creative process itself. It’s about that serendipitous moment when time and space align, allowing you to capture lightning in a bottle. From that ineffable feeling, I labor to find the right words, striving to make the abstract both concrete and deeply personal. Each completed song leaves me both satisfied and hungry—satisfied that I’ve said something meaningful, and hungry to rediscover that spark once more.”

TUTV: The Spark is vintage ES. A mind-relaxing, psychedelic rainbow that makes you forget our messed-up world for a while. A yearning dream pop tune with breezy Beatles-esque harmonies and a floating feel. Sonic surreality you can connect with. Beautiful.


All 4 singles

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