Canadian Glam Rockers Rush On Psych Banger ‘BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL’…

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20 March 2020

Band: Phono Pony

Who: “Glam-garage duo from Vancouver. The multi-instrumentalist duo creates huge
sounds with guitar, drums, vocals, synth and theremin. They released their first full-length record Monkey Paw
in 2018″

Pick: BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL – new single – the song is “a capsule of time
and mind-set that could not be more terrifying and satisfying.”.

Score: This a blistering psych banger going full speed from the get-go. A crazed ripper rushing frantically while insanely percussion dashes relentlessly and make your speakers go gaga. The intimidating vocals turn, slowly but surely, into a hellish cry out with a diabolical impact. Phono Pony races with an impending force. Don’t even try to stop or them or you’ll be crushed. Boiling stuff! Deranged madness! Mean smash up.

Unleash the beast inside you with this glorious, animated video clip…

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phono pony

Stream/buy ‘BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL’ here¬†