Manchester’s Pop Combo EVERYTHING EVERYTHING On A Roll – Hear First Single Of New Upcoming Album

New striking strokes

8 February 2022

Who: Fab indie-pop combo out of Manchester, UK
Active: Since 2007 / 6 studio LPs (new one included)

New album: RAW DATA FEEL
Out: 20 May 2022 / Pre-order info here

It’s only 18 months since the Manchester band scored
with their previous longplayer Re-Animator and here
they are already again announcing a new album
and its first single. Busy bees.

BAD FRIDAY is a bouncy, highly strung, and edgy stunner
with characteristic EE harmonies dominating the track.

Jonathan Higgs (frontman): “This song is about being a victim of
violence, explaining it away through the gauze of a ‘crazy night out.”

Be ready to get dizzy…


New album RAW DATA FEEL out 20 May 2022