BAD RELIGION – Debut Album ‘HOW COULD HELL BE ANY WORSE?’ Released 40 Years Ago Today

Back in time

19 January 2022

Who: Legendary Southern California hardcore punks
Active: 1980–present / 17 studio LPs

Anniversary album: HOW COULD HELL BE ANY WORSE?
Released: 19 January 1982 – 40 years ago today

AllMusic said: “Like cupping your ear against the garage door of their
practice space. Greg Graffin’s vocal style isn’t fully formed here, nor is his
lyrical agenda, but the building blocks are significant and affecting, bigger
than piles of collapsed cathedrals”.
Score: 3/5.

Turn Up The Volume: 40 years the world is still worse than hell.

Stream full LP…

BAD RELIGION: Facebook All Albums

CAT POWER (Also) Plans An Album Of ‘COVERS’

10 October 2021

Artist: CAT POWER (born Chan Marshall)
Who: American singer-songwriter
Active: Since 1992 – 10 studio albums

New album: COVERS
Release: 14 January 2022 – Order info here

Cat Power joins the long queue of artists recording and releasing
a covers album/EP/single. Since the coronavirus paralyzed normal
life, most of the musicians got a lot of free time and many of them
used it to interpreting other songs. It rained/rains covers.


01 “Bad Religion” (Frank Ocean Cover)
02 “Unhate”
03 “Pa Pa Power” (Dead Man’s Bones Cover)
04 “A Pair of Brown Eyes” (The Pogues Cover)
05 “Against the Wind” (Bob Seger Cover)
06 “Endless Sea” (Iggy Pop Cover)
07 “These Days” (Jackson Browne Cover)
08 “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” (Kitty Wells Cover)
09 “I Had a Dream Joe” (Nick Cave Cover)
10 “Here Comes a Regular” (The Replacements Cover)
11 “I’ll Be Seeing You” (Billie Holiday Cover)

First two tasters…

(Original: The Pogues)

(Original: Frank Ocean Performed live
on an American TV show)

CAT POWER: Website

GRAMMY AWARDS – Corporate Party For The Rich

15 March 2021

Yesterday it was (private) party time again for a corporate cast of millionaires awarded
for making-loads-of-money-oriented albums that make record bosses millionaires who
in turn make their stars millionaires with an addictive mass of royalties. This year the
event reflected ever more than before that all involved give no flying fuck about all the indie artists who will just vanish because of the devastating pandemic. The Grammy Awards are what real life is about: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.


16 October / 18 October 2020

Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

‘What Are We Standing For’ by BAD RELIGION (Los Angeles)
“In this time of tribal nationalism, dissent, as a form of political speech, is vital to democracy.” The American veteran punks support athletes who take a knee to protest racism and police brutality with this rattling rocket, speeding like a hot rod on the run.

‘White Lies’ by WAR ON WOMEN (Baltimore, US)
A buzz and fuzz crossover crackerjack propelled by stormy guitars, slashing drums, and Shawna Potter spitting and sneering in the face of vicious racists. “We politely request you
get your boots off our necks.”
New album Wonderful Hell out 30 October.

‘Diskotek’ by AXLS (Newcastle Upon Tyne)
After their Saturday Night Fever debut concept album First Contact this vibrant trio
returns with a hip-shaking dance stomper that triggers your limbs on the spot. Turn
your living room into a discotheque and pretend like it’s 1999 all over again.

‘Summer’s Gone’ by BEECH (Belgium)
Imagine Scottish daydreamers Teenage Fanclub fronted by J Mascis. Yes, slacker vibes and melancholic sentiments, longing for better sunlit days. Close your eyes and join the moony trip while musing about a corona-free world. The nostalgic video clip will help you.

‘Take Over’ by FIRST FRONTIER (South-London)
We can all use a sonic boost in these surreal times. Take Over does the job damn well. A new-wavish, uplifting and don’t worry, be happy humdinger “about protecting your mental health by silencing the channels through which we receive negativity on the reg!” Fun video!

See/hear you next week music junkies…

Untamable Punk Veterans BAD RELIGION Are back – Here’s New Missile ‘CHAOS FROM WITHIN’…

Brand new sonic impulses

The notorious Los Angeles punks BAD RELIGION return with a new album, pointedly entitled AGE OF UNREASON, in May. Ahead of it the band just shared new thundering high-speed uppercut CHAOS FROM WITHIN proving that they still have plenty of fuel
left in their political charged tank after nearly 40 years. Damn right! Detonate here…

BAD RELIGION: Facebook – Tour Dates

New album AGE OF UNREASON out 3rd May – More info here