5 NEW INDIE INJECTIONS – Week 45 – 2022

New indie fireworks to charge your batteries with, weekly

7 November 2022

Who: The musical collaboration between husband and wife duo Fox & Bex,
based between Dublin and Berlin. Inspired by a relentless passion for 1980’s
Italo Disco and New York Mutant Disco.

New single: PROVIDENCE
The third piece the duo shares from their upcoming
full-length named Integration, out early next year.

Ominous techno beats.
Ominous lyrics/vocals.
Ominous 2022 war sound.

Otherworldly, robotic, and trance-inducing.
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Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Freaks Club Band

Who: Misfits making make music about inside-out cats, weird doctors,
pillowmen and other kooky characters.

Last year they unleashed debut longplayer Teatime Terrors
and now the freaks have a new direful video out for the LP’s
opener BANANA BOY.

“Banana Boy was the naughtiest boy the world had ever seen, and every time
that he did a bad thing – a banana would grow where his finger had been.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the eccentric Ron Mael, the mustache weirdo
of the Sparks brothers plays organ here and is the guy behind the creepy
leatherface mask in the video.

Press play for some freaky fun…


(Photo by Stefan Evans)

Who: A Danish indie pop trio. They marry a retro 80’s inspired sound
with modern pop production. The name ‘Fusia’ comes from the flower
fuchsia which is an almost artificial-looking flower, even though it’s natural.


About: The song protests against the inactions of the climate debate
symbolized by a pickup truck driver who eats red meat and only thinks
of himself while driving towards the abyss.

A striking stroke and bracing banger fueled by an angry groove
and alarming vocals/lyrics. The cranked-up chorus says it all.

FUSIA: Facebook – Instagram

Band: WAXX!
Who: A 6-piece fuzzy psychedelic band
hailing loud and proud from glittering Norwich.

New single: VAMPIRES

Vampires is a soundscape that’s a new take on familiar sounds – laced with 90s earworms and textured in nostalgic house piano tones, swirling trippy guitars, pounding bass and a back beat filled with big fills, bongos and tambourines. With its tongue in its cheek and an appraising eye, Vampires is a Britpop stomper about all those people out there happy to bloodsuck their way up the ladder with no care for how it affects their immortal soul.

Expect a 60s psychedelic-colored belter
and ditto video clip. Quirky and droll.

Check it out…

WAXX: Facebook – Instagram

(photo by Lindsay Beaumont)

Who: Seasoned indie trio from Portland, Oregon who had their
eponymous debut album out in 2019 and the follow-up named II
lands on 18 November. ‘II’ marks a new era for the band. Heavier and
more expansive, the album ventures into the realm of metallic hardcore
with fierce-some riffing and dynamic tempo changes.
Pre-order info here.

New single: BLACK/ORANGE

Holy fucking smoke. I hope your stereo is resilient enough to survive this
rampant razorblade rocket. Prepare your lungs for this screamtastic stunner.

Right here…

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