BANDANA SONS – Firm Toronto Trio Score With Splendid Rocker ‘WISH IT BACK’

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14 November 2023

Toronto rockers with Daft Punk helmets

Who: Firm trio from Toronto.

New single: WISH IT BACK

A heartfelt tribute to times gone by. The track seamlessly weaves nostalgia with
raw emotion, celebrating the individuals who had an enduring impact on our journey.”

TUTV: Wish It Back is a spry rocker that swings forth and back. From harmonious tenderness to zippy discharge, from shiny guitar sparks to electrifying commotion,
while poignant vocals add extra emotive energy to this splendid nugget. It’s about
looking-back nostalgia we all are familiar with, wrapped here in a forceful piece of
music. Bingo!



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