Young British Gunslingers BANDIT Score With New Passionate Single ‘I’D TRY ANYTHING TWICE’…

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21 October 2019


Who: “A lively Liverpool based 4-piece indie-rock band with up-beat tunes ready to make the crowd move. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Strokes and Cage the Elephant, Bandit tells tales of nights out, love, loss, and desperation. The lyrics are relatable and poetic, often capturing the essence of Saturday night and the hangover of Sunday morning.”

Pick: I’D TRY ANYTHING TWICE – Newest single “about heartbreak, drugs, and all the bad decisions about being young, reckless and naive. However, it’s got a strong underlying romantic tale – it’s about looking at the girl you like across a smoke-filled Heebie Jeebies and wanting to throw every bit of your heart into.”

Score: The first song that came to mind when I heard this cracking tune was Supergrass
hit single ‘Alright‘. A song about being young and feeling alright. Bandit translates all the familiar youthful sentiments just the way as British greats such as The La’s, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and the aforementioned Supergrass did previously. With crystal clear, recognizable lyrics wrapped in a great guitar driven melody with an anthemic chorus on top of it. Bingo!

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