The PIG Of Darkness Scores Instant Doomsday Classic With ‘BAPTISE BLESS & BLEED’

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11 May 2022

Artist: PIG (London, UK)

Who: Raymond Watts aka PIG has enjoyed a varied career since starting out
as a pioneer member of the mid-1980s industrial rock scene. He toured with
big names such as NIN and Einstürzende Neubauten. He wrote music for
fashion and film artists, exhibitions and so many more artistic collaborations.

Release: 27 May – more info here

“A brand new EP awash with religious lyrical fervour and riffs that could effortlessly crush a tank. The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? ‘Baptise Bless & Bleed’ completes PIG’s tarot quadrilogy, a tragedy in four parts that also includes the earlier volumes ‘Sex & Death’, ‘Pain is God’ and ‘Drugged Dangerous & Damned. Accompanying the four new slices of PIGgish playfulness on its 12” vinyl format are three bonus extended versions added to the digital release to fully sate your fix.”

Turn Up The Volume: The title track is an instant Doomsday classic. Cimmerian
and intimidating. A slow-burning torch you can find your way with in hell. Watt‘s
freakish voice wouldn’t be out of place in a horror movie. And when the metallic,
booming Sisters Of Mercy chorus comes up, with its messianic Goth-gospel like choir,
you better surrender and follow the apocalyptic PIG of darkness.

Viva the fever
Born to be a believer
Bloodland benediction
One more spike for crucifixion

Watch/listen and get blessed…

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