Showman BAXTER DURY Entertains Belgium At Lokerse Feesten

13 August 2023

Crooner-songsmith BAXTER DURYN (yes, the son of Ian) released his 7th LP,
titled I THOUGHT I WAS BETTER THAN YOU last month. Another vintage late-night
barfly Baxter one, and another one with songs about his relation with his late dad Ian.

Last Tuesday he played at Lokerse Feesten Belgium as part of his current tour.

I missed him performing live for several years, for several reasons but finally it happened, and it was sublime. I expected him to sit, nice and easy, at the piano all the way through the set, singing his stories. Nothing of that. He didn’t stand still for one second, cruising from left to right, putting his jacket on and off, using his scarf as a head-band, and doing some kung-fu moves.

Showman Baxter at work

I never thought of Dury as a showman, definitely not a great one. And the music, I hear you
ask? Fabulous. He mixed old and new ones with his monumental voice, more expressive than on record and was assisted by his longtime singer/keyboardist Madeline Hart. for lots of sensual French vocals. Glorious. And as live music goes, also here the decibels were turned up giving the whole show a five-star verdict.

Kung-fu moves

On-and-off jacket

Gorgeous singer/keyboardist Madeline Hart

BC podium

The night chancer


1. So Much Money
2. Leak at the Disco
3. I’m Not Your Dog
4. Pale White Nissan
5. Slumlord
6. Aylesbury Boy
7. Pleasure
8. Palm Trees
9. Miami
10. Cocaine Man
11. Celebrate Me
12. (Baxter) These Are My Friends


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All photos by Turn Up The Volume