Sparkling Pop Splendour With Dark Colors – Canadian Duo RED DIRT SKINNERS Share Their New Single ‘WOLF IN THE WOODS’

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15 September 2021

Who: Award-winning Rob and Sarah Skinner from Ontario, Canada

New album: BEAR WITH US
Release: 22 October 2021 – Order info here

“A collection of ten original songs drawing on such hard hitting subject matters as dementia, homelessness and narcissistic abuse, whilst still managing to produce soaring choruses, catchy lyrics and the ever-present award-winning sound of Sarah’s saxophone solos. Bear With Us is an extremely full-sounding album from two highly skilled multi-instrumentalists and straddles multiple genres. This album is a triumph to positive thinking and a further development of the band’s signature sound.”


The Skinners: “Wolf In The Woods” is a dark song about narcissistic abuse that is
meant to serve as a cautionary tale. It’s a reminder that if it doesn’t feel right, it probably
isn’t. Regardless of how charming these people may first appear, they are parasites who will take all they can from their victims until they’ve used everything up — and they discard them, and move on. We’re drawing attention to the red flags in the hope that we can help others
spot the warning signs before they are sucked

Turn Up The Volume: The saxophone intro and outro create an imminent atmosphere, but in between Wolf In The Woods is a swirling pop booster rolling full steam ahead but the vocal ardency of the Skinners feels like some danger is chasing them, and actually all of us.

It’s not really a happy song. It’s about narcissistic sharks who (ab)use people to feed their unstoppable Me, Myself and I appetite (the first abuser that popped up in my mind is, of course, Donald Trump). This steaming jam is a sort of alarm call inviting us to help our fellow man if one of those blood-sucking wolves is about to attack. Let the siren bellow.

Here we go…


New album BEAR WITH US out on 22nd October 2021 – order info here

(photo on top via Eric Alper PR)