BEDLESS BONES – Enigmatic Estonian Songstress Takes You On A Spooky Synth-Trip With New Single/Video ‘DEAD WOMAN’

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15 October 2023


Who: Singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and interdisciplinary artist
Kadri Sammel, from Tallinn, Estonia. She presents what she describes as ‘incantations of nocturnal rapture’, building bridges and bending borders in her experiments with electro-noir sub-genres such as darkwave and EBM and marrying them with techno beats, industrial sounds and otherworldly atmospherics.

New single/video: DEAD WOMAN

Piece from Sammel‘s upcoming, 3rd album titled Mire Of Mercury,
out 3 November via Metropolis Records. Pre-order info here.

TUTV: Bedless Bones moves in mysterious ways. Dead Woman resonates like an otherworldly synth-fueled trip in another universe, in Sammel‘s universe that is,
where reality and surreality merge and magical music plays on the stereo.

Enigmatic and infectious, sensuous and spooky, melodious and transcendent.
The hallucinatory song’s shadowy eurythmics fascinate and Sammel‘s ghostly,
crystalline voice bewitches. BB sounds enigmatically gorgeous and looks
enigmatically gorgeous. Don’t miss her.




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