SWANS – Maestro MICHAEL GIRA’s Collective Chill Out With Psychedelic Trance Symphonies On New Album ‘THE BEGGAR’

Standout longplayers

23 June 2023

Album artwork

Wayward NYC collective SWANS led by mastermind/multi-instrumentalist
Michael Gira are around for a long time now, actually since 1982.

Today they share their 16th LP, baptized THE BEGGAR
with the world. Order info via Young God Records.

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

MOJO: “44 minutes of scourging song broken up by ambient drone, terrifying
din and choral interludes – is both uncompromising and brilliant.”
Score: 8/10.

TUTV: Michael Gira is one of those veteran music addicts who will never quit
and when he must go, it will be in a recording studio or on stage. But first this
16th longplayer. Welcome to Gira‘s labyrinth-mind where the sun doesn’t shine.

The Beggar is a 44-minute-long nightdream. Chilling, far-out and ghostly. An enigmatic
record where only Gira finds his way through 11 psychedelic jams in slo-mo. Swans do
not rock out here, they create a trance-like atmosphere for daredevils. Fascinating
and highly intriguing. Goosebumps accomplishment.

Singles: Paradise Is Mine / Los Angeles: City Of Death

A 10-minute hypnotic slo-mo jam.

Wouldn’t have been out of place on.
a Velvet Underground

Full Album

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