Vibe Assassins LAWMAN Will Smash Your Speakers With Ferocious Single ‘BEHAVE’…

New sonic impulses

28 September 2019


Who: “A noisy, hardcore punk band with smatterings of hip-hop here and there. Though
formed in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield and with a conscience dedicated to their experiences in the former steel mill town, that’s where parallels with other, larger Sheffield
acts ends.”

Track: BEHAVE – brand new single

Score: One thing you need to know about this self-proclaimed trio of vibe assassins before you’re listening to their savage new blast called ‘Behave’. They’re after your speakers, they want to smash them to pieces, crush them and demolish them. Let that be a warning.

Oh, hell, no! It’s too late. They already started their vicious attack! Arrrghhhhhh…

LAWMAN: Facebook / Label: Muzai Records