Humanitarian Wake-Up Call – Australian Artist BENEDICT About This Troubled World’s ‘WARZONE’

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7 August 2020


Who: Australian indie-pop singer-songwriter. A wunderkind like no other. With a
penchant for lyrics and melody that feel like they enter through the bloodstream
and permeate the soul, her music transcends.

Pick: WARZONE – new single.

Story: A song “about many different relationships we have over time. Relationships with partners, friendships, family, government, religion. Learning the paradigms of these things
and how they can change very quickly from positive to negative. Trusting and loving when you only receive narcissism and gaslighting in return. Some relationships are warzones that can break us down mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Score: What a voice! What a sound! What a tune! ‘Warzone’ is a galvanizing disco sucker-punch with a poignant sentiment and an ominous vibe. Think bad girls Donna Summer and Grace Jones joining forces for a wake-up call version of ‘La Vie En Rose’. Oh yeah, we need to act before this troubled world is wracked. No time to lose! Humanity is the key. Get up, stand up and fight for our right to survive. Right here, right now…

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