Best EP Of 2022 – ‘LIGHTERS’ by Sparkling Guitar/Synth Pop Act THE BANKROBBER

19 December 2022

It has been 4 years since Italian guitar/synth pop act THE BANKROBBER
centered around siblings Giacomo and Maddalena Oberti. released their brisk
debut album Missing,. But it’s not like they took an extensive vacation.

Over the past 2 years, they dropped 6 new striking songs, which
they bundled together last month in an EP baptized LIGHTERS

Giacomo: “We define this new work as something between dark and
romantic, there are often both elements. introspective, abstract and
dark lyrics that somehow speak of love.”

TUTV: Lighters is an exemplary accomplishment of skillful pop songwriting. Sparkling, breezy, and varied. The first three tracks (Kill My Name / White Skin / Hate Me) are sheer nightclub stompers you can pirouette yourself giddy too.

With the three other pieces (Burry Me Softly / Carry Me On / Leash Died (Shouldn’t Cry))
the mood and atmosphere change, sonically, vocally and lyrically, to shadowy reflections and enigmatic musings, which makes the full extended play a versatile aural experience.

The seamless production let the songs breathe. No over-dubbing, no disturbing arty
farty tricks. Lighters is about crystal clear pop richness. Best EP of 2023. But the family
isn’t done yet.

Giacomo: “Next year we are going to release another EP called “Lovers” and both EPs
will become a full album, titled “Lighters and Lovers“. We chose this name from one of
the songs we were producing for the record but then we decided to save it for a future

TUTV: Keep your eyes peeled for an end-of-the-Bankrobber-year
interview coming very soon so you can read it around the Xmas tree.

Watch/enjoy the video clips for White Skin,
Leash Died (Shouldn’t Cry)
and Carry Me On .





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