LE BUTCHERETTES Produce Non-Stop Explosive Mexican Waves – Live In Belgium…

LE BUTCHERETTES – Charlatan Club, Ghent, Belgium – 4 April 2019

My, oh my! Mexican rockers LE BUTCHERETTES’ frontwoman and mastermind Teresa Suarez-Coscio aka Teri Gender Bender is one hell of a breathtaking performer. Every nerve and every muscle in her non-stop dynamizing body is on hyperactive modus while I’m sure you could hear her exorcistic primal screams on the other side of the city. Just astonishing! She’s a red-hot-blooded mix of Polly Harvey, Karen O and Siouxsie Sioux.

The year is still young but this is, the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious show, Turn Up The Volume witnessed so far in 2019. Backed by a perfectly well-oiled band operating like an unstoppable hot rod Bender gave us a dazzling live session of almost all of the tracks of their new (fourth) excellent, multi-faceted and turbulent album bi/Mental. A steamy and inflammable cocktail of post-punk dynamics, Gothic grandeur, hard-rockin’ electricity and sizzling electro waves turned into a relentless firework on stage with Bender‘s inexhaustible intensity and vitalizing vehemence leaving you behind in/THE END with a sweaty body, a sped up heartbeat and totally out of breath. Fant├ístico! Formidable! Fenomenal!

Here’s a visual idea of LE BUTCHERETTES’ awe-inspiring presence on stage…

Picture this


nothing/ BUT TROUBLE

Another buzzing mission accomplished

Brand new album bi/MENTAL..

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(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)