American Alt Duo LOW Released Their 6th Album ‘TRUST’ 20 Years Ago

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22 October 2022

Artists: LOW
Who: Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals) and his wife Mimi Parker (drums and vocals).
Active: Since 1993 / 13 studio LPs so far, with last year’s Hey What as the most recent one.

Anniversary album: TRUST
Released: 21 October 2002 – 20 years ago

AllMusic said: “As the follow-up to Low’s universally acclaimed Things We Lost in The Fire, Trust comes with a set of expectations that might be impossible to meet. To the band’s credit, Low doesn’t just rehash the territory they covered on their previous album; instead, Trust goes in several different directions, mixing dark, sweeping epics with smaller, unpretentious songs and eclectic productions and arrangements. It’s Low’s most diverse work yet, but as it turns out, also their most uneven, which is somewhat surprising considering how their previous album was both consistently inventive and familiar.” Score: 3.5/5.

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LOW: Facebook – All Albums

BAUHAUS – Third LP ‘THE SKY’S GONE OUT’ Released 40 Years Ago

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20 October 2022

Who: New-Gothic-rock legends from Nottingham, UK,
fronted by voice/face Peter Murphy
Active: 1978–1983, 1998-2005, 2019–present / 5 LPs

Anniversary album: THE SKY’S GONE OUT
Released: 22 October 1982 – 40 years ago

AllMusic said: “The Sky’s Gone Out was caught between the expectations of an audience
now thoroughly embracing the incipient goth genre, with all the built-in limitations such expectations often provide, and a band which wanted to please them while still following its own muse. On balance it’s quite a fine album, but unlike Mask it misses the infusion of a more positive energy, and simply doesn’t gel as perfectly, more notable for individual songs than as
a whole.”
Score: 3/5.

TUTV: So much better than the critical press reception back then.
A sublime versatile record that didn’t age.

Single: All We Wanted Was Everything

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BAUHAUS: Bio – Discography – Facebook

Turbulent Post-Punks THE LIBERTINES Released Their Debut Album ‘UP THE BRACKET’ 20 Years Ago

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15 October 2022

Active: 1997–2004, 2014–present / 3 studio LPs

Anniversary album: UP THE BRACKET
Released: 14 October 2002 – 20 years ago

AllMusic: “Though the album is a bit short at 36 minutes, that’s long enough to make it a brilliant debut; the worst you can say about its weakest tracks is that they’re really solid and catchy. Punk poets, lagered-up lads, London hipsters — the Libertines play many different roles on Up the Bracket, all of which suit them to a tee. At this point in their career they’re not as overhyped as many of their contemporaries, so enjoy them while they’re still fresh.”
Score: 4.5/5

NME placed the album tenth in a list of the greatest British albums
ever, as well as calling it the second greatest album of the decade.

TUTV: Good debut but not the classic the (British) press thought it was.
The fact that the production (by The Clash hero Mick Jones) was mediocre
didn’t help. Wait, don’t go away, their 2nd self-titled debut LP, now that
was a brilliant one.

Top Track: I Get Along

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THE LIBERTINES: History – Facebook

DAVID BOWIE Released His Brilliant Berlin LP ‘HEROES’ 45 Years Ago Today

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14 October 2022

45 years ago today, on 14 October 1977 the late great genius DAVID BOWIE released his highly challenging and superb HEROES album. It was his 12th longplayer. The second part of his Berlin Trilogy (although ‘Heroes‘ was actually the only LP wholly recorded in Berlin) co-produced with Brian Eno and Tony Visconti and contributions by guitar phenomenon Robert Fripp. The classic lead single ‘Heroes‘ unquestionably helped the commercial triumph of the album peaking at #3 on the UK Albums Chart.

PITCHFORK wrote: ” “Heroes” is the second installment of David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy. The trilogy, and “Heroes” in particular, show all the signs of an artist growing up, shaking off the trappings of capitalist ego and success, and searching for a soul instead. It often sounds as if Bowie is conducting chaos, smashing objects together to discover scarily beautiful new shapes.” Full review here. Score: 10/10

TUTV: Along with Low, Ziggy Stardust, Station To Station
and The Next Day one of the best 5 Bowie LPs in my book.

Singles/clips: Heroes / Beauty And The Beast



And here the album in full…


SANTANA Released 4th LP ‘CARAVANSERAI’ 50 Years Ago

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12 October 2022

Who: Band of living guitar legend Carlos Augusto
Santana Alves
born 75 years ago in Autlán, Jalisco, Mexico
Active: 1965-present / 26 studio Lps with the band and
6 solo.

Anniversary album: CARAVANSERIA – his 4th
Released: 11 October 1972 – 50 years ago
Score: #8 in the USA

Rolling Stone said: “The album affirms and speaks directly to
the universality of man, both in the sound of the music and in
the vocals.

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SANTANA: Bio – Discography Instagram

MILES DAVIS – Jazz Trumpeteer Genius Released His Hated/Loved LP ‘ON THE CORNER’ 50 Years Ago Today

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11 October 2022

Who: Genial jazz musician-producer-bandleader who was born in Alton, Illinois in 1926.
He made/released 50+ albums, influencing countless artists. he passed away at 65 in
1965 following complications of bronchial pneumonia.

Anniversary album: ON THE CORNER
Released: 11 October 1972 – 50 years ago today

The LP was crushed by many critics and contemporary jazz musicians. Amongst
the haters was saxophonist Stan Getz who said: “That music is worthless. It means
nothing; there is no form, no content, and it barely swings
” and Jazz Journal critic Jon
wrote “It sounds merely as if the band had selected a chord and decided to worry
hell out of it for three-quarters of an hour

As far as the jazzers were concerned, it completed Davis‘s journey from icon to
fallen idol. They also claimed he wanted to gain more fans among white people.

As it goes frequently with masterpiece albums they’re only appreciated that way,
much later when it’s judged only by their musical strengths, regardless of the time
and the Zeitgeist context of the moment it came out.

In 2014 Stereogum called it “one of the greatest records of the 20th Century, and
easily one of Miles Davis’ most astonishing achievements.”
. Alternative Press named
it the “essential masterpiece, representing the high water mark of Davis’ experiments in
the fusion of rock, funk, electronica and jazz”
and AllMusic gave it a 5/5 score.

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MILES DAVIS: Bio – Discography Website

Canadian Noise Warriors METZ Released Their Ace Eponymous Debut Album 10 Years Ago

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10 October 2022

Band: METZ
Who: Three noise warriors from Toronto, CA
Albums: 5 so far. Check them on Spotify

Anniversary album: METZ
Released: 9 October 2012 – 10 years ago

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Brussels, 2018)

NME (UK) said: “Metz deliver the same righteous anger that informed much of their
favourite music in the early ’90s. The players might have changed but the problems
remain the same: those affected by youth unemployment and conservative government
can find salvation in hardcore. Metz are here to offer you redemption.”

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

TUTV: This red-hot-blooded debut made me an instant Metz fan-atic. One
of the most passionate noise bands I ever heard on record and on stage.

Hail hail.

A deluxe anniversary edition is now available artwork above).
It’s an updated, thirteen-track album features the original ten songs
along with bonus versions of “Wet Blanket,” “Wasted,” and “Get Off” from
a BBC Radio 1 session at Maida Vale Studios which originally aired on
Huw Stephens’ show in 2013.

Deluxe Anniversary Edition
here via Bandcamp

METZ: Facebook – Instagram

New Zealand Bolide THE DATSUNS Released Their Debut Album 20 Years Ago

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7 October 2022

Who: Sturdy rockin’bolide from New Zealand
Active: 1998-present / 7 LPs (so far)

Anniversary album: THE DATSUNS
Released: 7 October 2002 – 20 years ago today

Uncut Magazine (UK) said: “It helps that these 10 primitive songs are excellent
and that The Datsuns attack them with such vehemently anti-ironic gusto.

Score: 3/5

TUTV: Like Deep purple if they had been a punk whirlwind. A stream of classic
rock riffs, classic guitar solos, and not-so-classic tunes except for a couple of
rowdy singles. Sweaty hard rock fun, just for a while.

Singles/clips: MF From Hell / Harmonic Generator



Stream the full album on Spotify

THE DATSUNS: Bio – Discography – Facebook

R.E.M. Put A Masterly Album On The Moon 30 Years Ago Today With ‘AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE’

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5 October 2022

Released: 5 October 1992 – 8th LP
Charts: #1 in the UK and New Zealand, #2 in the US

AllMusic: “A haunting, melancholy masterpiece… R.E.M. have
never been as emotionally direct as they are here, nor have they
ever created music quite as rich and timeless, and while the record
is not an easy listen, it is the most rewarding record in their oeuvre.”

Score: 5/5.

TUTV: They put a masterly album on the moon with this one.
A commercial blockbuster, as we know it.

Singles/clips: Man On The Moon / Drive / Everybody Hurts

(More than 125 million streams on Spotify)



Stream full album automatically here.

R.E.M: Bio – Discography

Number One Albums This Day In 1969 (2) and 1975

4 October 2022

Album: ABBEY ROAD – 11th LP
Released: 26 September 1969

Score: #1 in the UK for several weeks from 4 October 1969 on.
Also #1 in the US, Australia, Canada and in most European countries

THE BEATLES: Bio – Discography

Album: GREEN RIVER – 3rd LP

Released: 3 August 1969
Score: #1 in the US for four
weeks from 4 October 1969 on
#2 in Canada, #20 in the UK

CCR: Bio – Discography


Released: 12 September 1975
Score: #1 in the UK on 4 October 1975

PINK FLOYD: Bio – Discography