Darkwave Artist TEROUZ Fascinates With Electro Roller Coaster ‘BIG BOY GAMES’

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16 September 2021

Artist: TEROUZ
Who: Hypno-noir artist
from Montreal, Canada

New single: BIG BOY GAMES

Terouz: “it’s about massive ego wars. A dark twist that reimagines
epic tales of vengeance and betrayal in retrowave galore!
. ‘Big Boy
Games’ will hype you up before any challenge you viciously mean to
obliterate. It’s why I built it for myself. I need the beast in me caged
but ready.”

(Photo by Felipe Collado)

Turn Up The Volume: This riveting piece starts with a mid-tempo
drum-driven intro gliding quickly into a swing and shake your hips
chorus, followed by a moment of reflection. The whole process
repeats itself and gets slowly but surely under your skin. Trust
me, you’ll love every second of this electro roller coaster.

And again Terouz‘s dark voice reminds me of Stuart A. Staples,
the frontman of British band Tindersticks. Haunting, sombre
and tenebrific. Yes, pretty fascinating.

You can buy Big Boy Games via Bandcamp

TEROUZ: Facebook