London’s Alt Punk Duo I AM HER Released New Sizzling Single ‘BIG MONSTER’…

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13 February 2020

Band: I am HER (London)

Who: “Julie Riley (vocals guitar), formally of 90s cult band Rosa Mota, originally formed I am HER as a solo project in 2016. A year later, she then paired up with Jeff Townsin (drums) and the duo has gone from strength to strength ever since.” they released their versatile and exciting debut album Herstory.

Track: BIG MONSTER – new single – Julie Riley says “this song was triggered by someone telling me their experience of an anxiety attack. It got me thinking how anxiety/stress is like
a beast separate to us that stalks us and preys on us.”

Score: The surprising thing that caught my aural attention immediately when listening
to this stormy ripsnorter for the first time was the driving force of a catching acoustic guitar in a punkish knockout like this, next to the tremendously steamy electricity of the flammable chorus. And it works gloriously! Add the biting vocals of Julie Riley and what you
get is an impressive stormer that will hit you straight in the face. Wow! What a monstrous stroke! What a sizzling burst! Explosive top stuff!

Capture the feverish soundburst right here…

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