DREAM PONY – NYC’s Glam Sweethearts Inspire With Party Firecracker ‘BIKINI VISION’

17 August 2023

Who: Two Neo Glam sweethearts from NYC formed last year.
Fearless, irregular, limitless but always sincere they’re a mainline
to the heart of things. .

About: This recording takes us on a ride through Brooklyn on hot Summers day.
Songwriter D’Arsie paints a picture of a character in search of an escape from the
heat and the ensuing delirium, blissfully in love with life and able to see beauty in everyone and everything.

TUTV: Talking about an astonishing debut. From the get-go, the drum goes wham-bam and sets the tone for this terrifically groovin’ rocker. A punchy bass riff joins the party instantly, sparkling guitars show up now and then, the singer’s cocky vocality adds some more swagger and on the flashy chorus he gets help with frolic female backing vocals.

We need happy-go-lucky firecrackers like this, we need optimistic tunes like this in these hazardous times. Certainly in the US that became the Divided States Of America over the years and is about to explode in the near future. Whatever happens, we need to find a way to go bonkers. Enter Dream Pony. Help them get rich so they can afford bigger swimmer trunks.

Click below and get to YouTube for the song’s video.