Upcoming… New BILL CALLAHAN Album

25 Augustus 2022

Notable American singer-songwriter BILL CAHALLAN started his career under his alias of Smog. From 2008 on he operates under his Christian name. Overall he made 19 albums and number 20 is on its way. It’s named YTI⅃AƎЯ.

Callahan: “I wanted to make a record that addressed or reflected the current climate. It felt like it was necessary to rouse people — rouse their love, their kindness, their anger, rouse anything in them. Get their senses working again. I guess there was already plenty of anger! But we needed a better anger. To get out of this hypnagogic state. Hypnagogic rage. Disassociated rage that destroys the community and leaves only the individual eating themselves alive instead of feeding others. We were born to feed others. We have milk, breasts. We have language, tongues. We have music, ears. All to feed.”

YTI⅃AƎЯ is out 10/14/22 digitally and 2/24/23 physically. Pre-order info here.

Watch the weird visual introduction of the album…