Cheerleader TOYAH And Rebel ROBERT Yell

Wow! Toyah jumping forth and back, and up and down like an 18-year-old
cheerleader, while she yells like a rebel at Robert (and us), excites the senses.

Oh yeah, the two YouTube idols score once again.

Coincidence or not but the blond punk God Billy Idol
released his self-titled debut LP 40 years ago (16 July 1982).

Anyway, take a deep breath,
ladies, and gents, and YELL!

It helps to kick off a new week…

C’mon Billy, you can still yell too…

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MILEY CYRUS And BILLY IDOL Have A Rocking White Wedding

8 February 2021

MILEY CYRUS played her first live show in a year with
her TikTok Tailgate pregame show performance in Tampa
before the Super Bowl 55.

At one point former face and voice Billy Idol of 70s punk Brits
Generation X took the stage and had a steamy White Wedding
(Idol’s massive 1982 hit) with Cyrus who overwhelmed poor Billy
with her high-powered act.

Watch and rock out

Idol’s wedding