All You Need Is Love – Hear The New 60s Colored Single Of THE FOREIGN FILMS

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7 July 2021

Artist: THE FOREIGN FILMS Facebook
Who: The moniker of Canadian
singer/songwriter Billy Majoros

Pick single: ALL THE LOVE YOU GIVE – new single
from upcoming album ‘Starlight Serenade

“”All The Love You Give,” asks the question, if you could go back in time,
what would you change? The character magically wakes up in the 1960s
with a chance to begin again. She decides to follow her bliss and take the
path less travelled. All this love you give, live the life you want to live with
all the love you give. Like a musical time machine, you’ll hear jangly guitars,
vintage drums, bass and synthesizers played with a very live feel.”

says Majoros.

Score: After a bang bang bang intro, you enter Beatles territory. Instantly
sticky melodiousness, polyphonic harmonies, and All You Need Is Love trumpets.
This is 60s pop splendor at its sunlit finest. Feels like we’ll have a new flowers in
our hair
summer of love. By the way, the single and album artwork also reflects
the swinging sixties spirit. Beautiful.

All you need to stream/buy
is this top tune…


New album STARLIGHT SERENADE out 30 July – order info here