‘Bingo-Master’s Break-Out!’ – Title Track Of Debut EP by THE FALL (1978)

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4 March 2019

Bingo-Master’s Break-Out‘ by THE FALL

This was the title track (and one of the double A-side songs, with ‘Psycho Maffia‘ being
the other one) of the debut EP by Manchester legends The Fall aka the late, great MARK E. SMITH and his army of countless, hired musicians. It was immediately clear that this band was out of the ordinary. Gloriously out of tune vocals and guitars. A crazed chorus and a freaky story. Excellent! The then Buzzcocks manager Richard Boon wanted to release the EP on his New Hormones label, but due to lack of money, he gave the tapes back to the band. The EP remained unreleased for almost a year and it come out in August 1978,
by then half of the group had left. You may yell along right here…

Two swans in front of his eyes
Colored balls in front of his eyes
It’s number one for his Kelly’s eye
Treble-six right over his eye
A big shot’s voice in his ears
Worlds of silence in his ears
All the numbers account for years
Checks the cards through eyes of tears

Bingo-Master’s Breakout!

All he sees is the back of chairs
In the mirror, a lack of hairs
A lighted room, checks fill out
Here the players all shout

Bingo-Master’s Breakout!

A glass of lager in his hand
Silver microphone in his hand
Wasting time in numbers and rhymes
(One hand drug and faces bright)
Bingo-Master’s Breakout!
Came the time he flipped his lid
Came the time he flipped his lid
Holiday in Spain fell through
Players put it down to

Bingo-Master’s Breakout

A hall full of cards left unfilled
He ended his life with wine and pills
There’s a grave somewhere only partly filled
A sign in graveyard on a hill reads

Bingo-Master’s Breakout

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