London Rockers FEZ Unleash Schizophrenic Electricity On New Single ‘BLACK DOGS’

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8 January 2022

Band: FEZ
Who: London-based band exploring
vintage psychedelia, expansive blues
jams and scopious jazz.

New single: BLACK DOGS

The band says: “Lyrically Black Dogs is a criticism of the ease of access to antidepressant medication in the UK. Friends of ours who sought support from their GP for mental health difficulties were prescribed antidepressants without accompanying social or psychological support. Some said that the medication improved their mood slightly, others felt calmer in social situations, but the actual thoughts, behaviours or social circumstances that kept the problem going remained unchanged. We’re incredibly lucky to have access to mental health support, but unfortunately, underfunded services and long waiting lists can make it too easy
to apply short-term solutions
to complex problems.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Every song about mental health troubles has my attention,
as I had bipolar issues for years myself. Mental health problems are still not widely accepted as a severe psychological condition that crushes people’s minds. It’s invisible
for outsiders which makes it hard to understand for them what is really going while many of those who suffer try to hide their disorder by buying anonymously medication rather than seeking help. I know, I did it too.

That said FEZ embedded their point of view on the matter in a high-speed juggernaut going schizophrenic from the get-go. 60s psychedelia echoes fly around and when the insane chorus kicks in, your head starts spinning uncontrollably and almost explodes when storming guitar solos turn up the heated hullabaloo. Oh my oh my, hallelujah!

Press play and listen to A and B-side…

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