Belgian Garage Engine BLACK LEATHER JACKET Goes Gaga On New Single ‘VILLAGE PEOPLE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

23 January 2019

(pic: Majchrzak photography)


Who: “Three noiseniks producing “loud garage rock ‘n’ roll with plenty of fuzz, slapback-vocals, delays & chorus and infinite dance riffs.”

Track: VILLAGE PEOPLE – new single from upcoming album

Score: A scream and shout along garage uppercut dynamized by merciless drum slams, fueled by bloodthirsty riffage and spiced with an orgastic woohoo-woohoo chorus that will transfer every crazed partygoer to a chaotic state of delirium tremens. Listen up, all you boozing misfits out there, this is amplified rawk ‘n’ roll especially made to soundtrack your intoxicated excesses, made to go totally gaga to.

Watch the ‘day after‘ clip right here…

BLACK LEATHER JACKET: Facebook / Label: Mayway Records