Watch The Sensational Mongolian Folk Metal Band THE HU Entertain The Masses At PINKPOP FESTIVAL 2023

One festival track a day keeps the doctor away

27 June 2023

THE HU is a Mongolian folk metal band formed in 2016. They became a spectacle
for ears and eyes over the years. Their 2nd album, baptized Rumble Of Thunder
earned them several spots on major festivals this years.

Last month they were on the bill of the legendary Dutch PINKPOP FESTIVAL.

If you never heard of this sensational act (like me, until a couple of weeks ago)
watch/hear them performing 3 metallic and yes, catchy, jackhammers.

0:00 Upright Destined Mongol
5:03 Black Thunder
11:57 Yuve Yuve Yu

THE HU: Instagram – Spotify