Powerhouse Rockers BLACKTOP MOJO Cover Soul Legends THE TEMPTATIONS

20 April 2022

Sturdy Texan rockers BLACKTOP MOJO shared a surprising acoustic cover a couple of weeks ago, of timeless classic My Girl performed (written by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White, by Motown’s soul legends THE TEMPTATIONS in 1964.

Blacktop Mojo: “We love the original tune. Everyone grew up listening to it. There’s definitely something special about Motown and that era of music and there’s a reason why artists like the Temptations have stood the test of time. However when you’re having a bad day, or maybe having it out with your lady, and a song like “My Girl” comes on, while nine times out of ten it’ll cheer you up, sometimes you just don’t want to hear a happy love song. Sometimes you’re in the ‘Lonely Hearts Club’ instead, and that’s where our version comes in.”

The band have a live version of the song too. Although with much respect for
the original Blacktop Mojo color it with their own magical touch. Just great.

Matt James: ”We wanted to play the song live in a place where you could really feel the dilapidation of a broken heart. We snuck into this old church here in Palestine and the natural reverb in the room was incredible. The cracked stained glass and paint peeling from the walls of a place that was once so magnificent was definitely reminiscent of a love that had been lost.”

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