Waking Up With Pop-Metal Heroes WITHIN TEMPATION And New Bombastic Blast ‘RITUAL’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

30 September 2023

Female-fronted metal unit WITHIN TEMPTATION is one of
the biggest bands ever in the rock history of The Netherlands.

They recorded/released 7 studio albums so far, since
1997, with Resist (2019), as their most recent one.

Number 8, baptized Bleed Out lands on 20 October.
Pre-order info here.

But first the 7th (yes, seven) shared track off the LP

RITUAL is a bombastic blast, a burning torch, a vintage WT haymaker
accentuating again the vocal vociferousness of metal Diva den Adel and
the band’s craft of blowing up the decibels around pop melodies.

Press play.
Get blown away

WT: Instagram – Website