KATE CLOVER Rattles And Rolls On Garage Punk Ripper ‘YOU’RE PHONE’S OFF THE HOOK’

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11 October 2022

Who: A singer-songwriter-musician from Los Angeles, CA. From the local lineage
of bands like X, Germs and The Gun Club to the glamorous poverty of the streets
of L.A. Clover is inspired by the city that raised her and she explores the intricacies
of self-discovery, self-creation and self-preservation, in the city where dreams are
born to die.

It follows Clover‘s fired-up debut LP Bleed Your Heart Out,
released last April. Listen here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME: Imagine the in-your-face charisma of Courtney Love,
the avid ardency of L7 and the garage punk swagger of Sleater-Kinney. Sounds
cracking, right? You betcha.

On her newest stormer Clover displays why those aforementioned amazing
Amazons crossed my mind. She rattles, rolls, and rumbles without brakes and
with all dynamos on. 142 steamy seconds of sonic head-over-heels ecstasy to
pogo yourself dizzy to. Trust me, big fun guaranteed.

Clover sounds drop-dead gorgeous,
moves drop-dead gorgeous, and
looks drop-dead gorgeous.

Watch her in action backed
by her wacky band…

Be ready EUROPE/UK.
Here comes KATE CLOVER.

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