Turbo ENTER SHIKARI Will Give The Whole World A Kiss And A ‘BLOODSHOT’ Now

Daily electricity to load your batteries

British celebrated electro-punk-heavy-post-hardcore team ENTER SHIKARI
share their 7th longplayer, named A KISS FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, with
the world on April 21. Pre-order info here.

Here’s the brand new single off the LP. BLOODSHOT.

Rou Reynolds: ““Bloodshot is about how hard it is to find truth, and how easy it is to stop thinking for yourself and simply repeat your ‘team’s’ mantras. Every day, I seem to be asking myself, ‘Is this article biased?’, ‘Is this claim true?’, ‘Should I be more furious about this issue?
Or less furious?’, ‘Am I being manipulated? Provoked? Radicalised by my own ‘tribe’?’

Bloodshot is a helter-skelter outburst with
maddening techno flashes reminiscent of
techno punks The Prodigy.

Press play.
Play loud.

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