THE CONSCIENCE PILATE – Toronto Rock Team Score Big Time With New Rad Single ‘BLOOM’

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1 August 2023

Who: A seasoned Toronto rock team led by Edward Pond and Neil Leyton returning after a 25-year hiatus and playing guitar-driven pop music that combines the energy of CBGB’s post-punk with the texture of 80’s alternative.

New single: BLOOM

Pond: “We recorded Bloom like it’s for a secret John Hughes movie we all wish could exist. It’s that alternative pop sound the Furs and the Mary Chain had nailed in the 80s. A story about a couple where one is flat on their face while the other is up, and they see-saw back and forth.”

TUTV: First chord in and an enormous energy blasts out of your speakers.
Bloom is a crackerjack rocker rolling with a wall-of-manicial guitar sound, a
battering drum/bass tandem and intensified with eager vocals. Think Weezer
on their razor-edged best. Capisce? Say no more.



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