NEW ORDER Had A 12″ BLUE MONDAY Today 40 Years Ago

7 March 2022

Manchester‘s electro-pop-rock giants NEW ORDER released their most famous and
most successful single ever BLUE MONDAY 40 years ago today, on 7 March 1983
through iconic label Factory Records.

The single’s unique packaging was designed by Peter Saville and Brett Wickens.
It features a die-cut sleeve designed to resemble a 5+1⁄4-inch floppy disk. It cost
so much to produce that Factory Records actually lost money on each copy sold,
nobody expected “Blue Monday” to be a commercially successful record at all,
so nobody expected the cost to be an issue.

In the UK it has sold 1.16 million copies in all formats, including the 1988 and 1995
re-releases. Sales of the original 1983 12-inch release account for the bulk of the total,
at over 700,000 copies. It has more than 370 million streams, so far, on Spotify.

The 7″ format

Bassist Peter Hook said afterward that the song was stolen from
the Donna Summer song “Our Love” a B-side that also appeared on
her Bad Girls album

Gillian Gilbert (keyboards) revealed in 2013: “The synthesizer melody is slightly
out of sync with the rhythm. This was an accident. It was my job to program the entire
song from beginning to end, which had to be done manually, by inputting every note.
I had the sequence all written down on loads of A4 paper Sellotaped together the length
of the recording studio, like a huge knitting pattern. But I accidentally left a note out,
which skewed the melody.

Boom boom boom.

How does it feel
When you treat me like you do

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To Hell With Blue Mondays – NEW ORDER Have New Charity T-Shirt Out

Manchester‘s veteran synth-pop idols NEW ORDER
have a new Blue Monday T-shirt out with all proceeds
going to the CALMzone campaign organization.

NO: “Today we’re celebrating the only #BlueMonday that really matters – the best-selling
12” single of all time, with a New Order tee designed by the legendary Peter Saville exclusively for The CALMzone. Order here: It’s available from today until Feb 17 so order yours today and 100% of the profits raised will go towards our life-saving work. And remember: depression doesn’t care what day it is. Whether you’re having a Blue Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, CALM is here every day if you’re struggling.

Available from this day to 17 February.

CALMzone: Website

Waking Up… On A Blue Monday

Works faster than caffeine

4 July 2022

Still the best blue Monday medicine for blue Mondays.
More than 10 million streams on YT.
More than 274 million streams on Spotify.

Big numbers, big beat, big tune.

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THE BIG PINK Turn NEW ORDER’s ‘BLUE MONDAY’ Into A Compelling Slow-Mo Soundscape…

‘Blue Monday’ by THE BIG PINK
Original by NEW ORDER

Photo: Victoria Stevens

London’s electro-rockers THE BIG PINK, led by multi-instrumentalist/singer Robbie Furze, recorded a fascinating version of NEW ORDER‘s signature anthem BLUE MONDAY. Much slower, much darker and gloomier than the original. The somber soundscape is driven by a dense drum/bass groove, injected with menacing guitars and crystal clear vocals on top. Blue becomes black. A highly intriguing slow-mo performance! Dim the lights, here we go…

After their splendid debut album A Brief History Of Love (2009) and
successor Future This (2012) the band has a third album in the pipeline.

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