Two Talking Heads Will Have A Talk In The UK Next Year (“Suck A Dick”, Bob Dylan)

Former drummer Chris Frantz and bass player (his wife) Tina Weymouth
just announced three live conversations in the UK next year.

Frantz reacted very annoyed versus Bob Dylan last weekend who writes in his upcoming book that Elvis Costello & The Attractions was so much better than his peers back in the 70s.

Frantz addressed Dylan: “I understand you dig Elvis Costello, but did you have to put it that way? There were so many good bands then, and I spent many nights at CBGB and saw a lot of superior performances. How can you make such a sweeping generalisation? I think it’s a very good book – despite that one chapter. With all due respect to the Attractions and to drummer Pete Thomas in particular, I’d like to say to Bob something he once said to a buddy of mine.‘Suck a dick.’”