Metal Rap Gang BODY COUNT Released New Ferocious Album Today – Here’s ‘CARNIVORE’…

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6 March 2020

Heavy metal rap gang BODY COUNT released their seventh album ‘CARNIVORE’ today and ICE T sounds as furious and angry as on the band’s self-titled debut LP from 1992.
He still attacks any kind of inequality, any kind of human and social exploitation and any kind of political dominance and corruption. And he still does it with ferocious drones and razor-sharp eruptions.

NME says: “As long as there’s injustice, there’ll be a need for Ice T’s vital brand of hardcore… ‘Carnivore’ is a depressing reminder of how little has changed and how far we still have to go… they might not be the world’s most dangerous band anymore but as long as there’s social division and terrible politicians calling the shots, there’ll always be a place for Body Count.”
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Q & A with ICE-T about the new LP…

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BODY COUNT Shares Metal Sledgehammer ‘BUM-RUSH’ From Upcoming LP…

New sonic impulses

21 February 2020

Metal rapper ICE-T and his hammering BODY COUNT gang unleash new longplayer ‘CARNIVORE‘ on 6 March. Three years after their fierce album Bloodlust. After they shared the brutal title track  last December the band just dropped a second piece.

‘BUM-RUSH’ is another red-hot cannonball that hits you right in the face. Its atomic
power is explosive enough to pulverize the White House. Ice-T still attacks injustice relentlessly, still sneers and spit viciously and still delivers cast-iron and ignitable
molotov cocktails with an earthshaking impact. Wham Bloody Wham Bam!!!

Catch the heated outburst right here …

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Artwork new album CARNIVORE – out 6 March 2020

BODY COUNT Drops Ferocious Title Track Of Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘CARNIVORE’…

New sonic impulses

14 December 2019

Metal rapper ICE-T and his raging BODY COUNT gang are back two years after their boiling album Bloodlust. They will release new longplayer ‘CARNIVORE‘ on 6 March
2020. And here’s the ferocious title track.
It all starts with an alarming sirens intro and soon explodes like a bloodthirsty monster getting ready for a vicious attack. It’s a predator vs. prey battle with a blustering guitar
solo going mad around the 2-minute mark while the ongoing powerhouse key beat keeps on droning like a massive sledgehammer until the end. Smashing comeback! Beastly cut!

Catch the savage eruption right here…

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Artwork new album CARNIVORE – out 6 March

ICE-T And BODY COUNT Back With A Crushing Headbutt That Matters…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


ICE-T and his metal gang BODY COUNT are back with a loud and fucking clear message. New single NO LIVES MATTER doesn’t need much explanation actually. It’s a furious, smoking hot, in-your-face manifesto about racism, about America 2017. An alternative take on the debate between Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter movements.

All hell breaks loose after the veteran rapper’s opening statement: ” It’s unfortunate that we even have to say ‘Black Lives Matter’, I mean, if you go through history nobody ever gave a fuck. I mean, you can kill black people in the street, nobody goes to jail, nobody goes to prison. But when I say ‘Black Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’, that’s like if I was to say ‘Gay Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’. If I said, ‘Women’s Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’, you’re diluting what I’m saying. You’re diluting the issue. The issue isn’t about everybody. It’s about black lives, at the moment“.

A nasty, crushing headbutt that matters…

‘No Lives Matter’ is the first single from new album ‘Bloodlust’ out 31 March.

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