Best EP Of May 2023 – KIM GORDON/BILL NACE With Bone Chilling BODY/HEAD EP Named ‘COME ON’

2 June 2023

Artists: BODY/HEAD
Who: American experimental duo featuring former
Sonic Youth heroine Kim Gordon and guitarist Bill Nace.

So far they released a couple of EPs and three albums: Coming Apart (2013),
The Switch (2018) and the collaborative one with Wolf EyesAaron Dilloway (2021)

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Cory Rayborn (Three Lobed Recordings): “We have all been there at some point or another, maybe even last night. There are those moments when you are drifting into or out of sleep when it is hard to identify exactly what is real and what is imaginary. Time spent working through the hazy gauze separating waking and dreaming blurs the edges of perception and leaves us sorting through myriad versions of hyper-reality. The music of Body/Head has always existed for me within this liminal space. Whether it is Kim Gordon’s spectral, invocation-like vocals and churning guitar work or Bill Nace’s reality altering guitar conjurings, the duo have spent over a decade creating a singular body of work that rides that very knife’s edge. Are their sonic constructions here to help you or to harm you? To guide you to safety or to lead you into ruin? Where the listener sits mentally at any given moment helps determines the outcome along countless dualities. This mastery over unpredictability is why I have constantly considered them the most potent band going.”

Artwork EP

TUTV: With this 4-track EP Body/Head drags me into a surreal film noir, directed
by David Lynch, in which haunting music plays over shadowy Eraserhead-like images.
The soundtrack features bone-chilling distorted noise, psychotic guitars, anguished bass fragments, schizophrenic synths, and Gordon‘s ghostly and otherworldly vocals. Overall Come On is a nightmarish trip into a black hole. Mysterious, stupefying, and engrossing.
A fascinating feat.

Enter the world

Billy Nace: Instagram
Kim Gordon: Instagram

BODY/HEAD Featuring KIM GORDON And BILL NACE Share New Obscure Single ‘YOU DON’T NEED’…

Brand new sonic impulses

BODY/HEAD, the musical project featuring ex-Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and experimental guitarist Bill Nace will launch new, second, full length THE SWITCH on 13 July via Matador records. More info here. Ahead of its release here’s first, dark single ‘YOU DON’T NEED’. An extended, monotone and repetitive slow-mo guitar stroll going on like forever with Gordon bemoaning voice all over it. Ominous and bizarre. Here’s the obscure trip…

BODY/HEAD: Website

New album THE SWITCH out 13 July via Matador.