Australian Foursome BODY TYPE Vivifies With Amplified Pop Cracker ‘STINGRAY’…

Brand new sonic impulses

5 March 2019

(photo: Nick Mckk)

After last year’s self-titled ardent debut EP vivid Aussies BODY TYPE will release
their follow-up EP2 on 3 May via Partisan Records. Ahead of it here’s lead single ‘STINGRAY‘. A song “observing my friends being stuck in relationship ruts and trying to
shake them out of it, reminding them of their power to sting and swim away gracefully.

It’s an amplified pop cracker electrified with ebullient guitars, fervid vocals and
a razzle-dazzle chorus. A bustling score!

The band told Ladygunn about the accompanying video’s story: “Last year, there was
a news story about Freckle. A saucy gal stingray at Sydney Aquarium who had given birth despite having had no male contact for 9 years. I saw parallels between her story and the
theme of the song itself. Freckle is an inspiration for everyone in dead-end relationships so
we decided she should be the star of this video.“

Listen/watch right here…

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