Gorgeous Duo DILETTANTE Shares Gorgeous Debut Single About Gorgeous ‘BONNIE’

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16 November 2021

(Photo: Calm Elliott-Armstrong / Styling: Bianca Tomori)

Who: Toronto dream pop duo, Natalie Panacci and Julia Wittmann,
who performed for 5 years as For Jane, a project inspired by their
dogs (fact!)

New single: BONNIE
The first taster of the pair’s upcoming debut LP

Dilettante: “Imagine – it’s a crisp autumn evening. You’re out at a garage rock show.
You meet eyes with the drummer. He’s sweaty and lanky, but you like it. In a crowd of
post-performance cigarette smoke, he says this to you: “Bonnie, you’re a work of art,
you’re a wildcard, you’re a dreamboat.” So you run home, turn on your roommate’s
shitty old keyboard, and blast out the first verse of a song. The drummer goes back
home to the UK to become a sweaty, lanky memory…but “Bonnie” lives on. She’s the
impossible, perfect muse – she’s the protagonist deciding her own fate – she’s Audrey

Turn Up The Volume: Sensual, sexy, sultry. These words came immediately to
my mind on hearing this electronic pop gem for the first time. Its ongoing hypnotic
flow, its tenacious briskness, its glimmering synth/guitar romanitcism, and its desirous
vocals will make you long for your own gorgeous Bonnie. This kind of starry-eyed and elevating dream-pop pizzazz, symphonically orchestrated, is what turns your day into
a gorgeous rainbow. Top!

Stream/buy this beauty here…