Smooth Sultry Soul Swinger – BOOGIE BELGIQUE With New Vibe ‘PEPPER’S GHOST’

New striking strokes

23 June 2022

Who: Belgian – Antwerp roots, Brussel based – team with cool motto:
“Why follow rules when a more personal approach is far more tantalizing?”

Between 2016 and 2019 Boogie Belgique roamed the world. Fruitful times, in which Boogie Belgique became a much-appreciated festival-band, leading to a great deal of Spotify-listeners and Youtube-subscriptions. With the self-produced and DIY-EP ‘Prelude to a Machine’, the band showed their craftsmanship. The EP was – exactly what the title suggests – a prelude to the next album. Due to the pandemic, the plans to release this album were postponed. Yet, since Boogie Belgique does not like to ‘just go with the pandemic flow’, they decided to record and release the EP Lure Of Little Voices, a cooperation with Ian Urbina, A New York journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner. Meanwhile, Boogie Belgique is working hard to finalize their fifth full album, and eager to play again. After months of self-isolation – and a lot of remote recording sessions – the band cannot wait to ‘go out and play’. High time to mount the stage.

But first new single PEPPER’S GHOST. A smooth, sultry soul swinger with
an immediate impact on your hips. A twinkling tune with a seductive vinid
vibe. An instrumental piña colada cocktail flavored with echoes of Sade, Chic,
and Daft Punk all in one with Boogie Belgique‘s  sonic charateristics
making this piece one of their own. Make some room, move your furniture
and follow the beat.

Shake your booty here…

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