Happy 75 To Musical Genius… BRIAN WILSON…



Musical genius BRIAN WILSON celebrates his 79th birthday today Р20 June 2021. A legendary musician most famous, as we all know, for creating that vibrant Californian surf sound with his monumental harmonies band THE BEACH BOYS. Back then in the glorious sixties the rivalry with The Beatles drove him paranoid and pretty mad. He left the band
to take a very long vacation in his bedroom.

But in the late 80s, early 90s he returned and released several solo albums (with ‘No Pier Pressure‘ as his most recent work) and the man is still touring. yes, music in his veins and DNA. Here¬†are three (extremely difficult to choose only three massive hits) Brian Wilson compositions to celebrate the icon’s 75th birthday…

DO IT AGAIN (1969)



The making of solo album NO PIER PRESSURE (2015)

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