Primal Scream Symphony – Discover Brand New Single ‘BREAK UP THE SHAPES’ By INSOMNIAC BEARS

14 December 2020


Who: Norwegian group producing a progressive mix of retro and
futuristic sounds, creating a unique atmosphere with pop sensibility.

Pick: BREAK UP THE SHAPES – lead single from their upcoming debut LP

Info: The track extends the voice of Insomniac Bears, only with a more hungry
approach that shows a dynamic group drawing on each others respective pasts
but also on the new energy they discovered playing together. Their wide embrace
of genre could feel like a tasty mash-up or a prosperous mix of indie styles

Score: It starts with a funky collaboration of glimmering synths, playful guitars,
and a steady drum beat, swaying forth and back, with a prompt impact on your
body movements. Midway a dreamy sequence pops up as the sonic foreplay for
a jaw-dropping second part where frontman MC Thomas Brattlie‘s voice goes mental.
Holy smoke! It feels like a primal-scream-therapy session. A fired-up discharge turning
this high-octane stunner into a brill bittersweet symphony. Bingo!