Ferocious Florida Metalheads BREED Hammer Hard ‘IN YOUR HEAD’

New striking strokes

7 January 2023

Who: Hard hitting rockers from Orlando, Florida.
They started their noisy journeyin 2019 and released
their debut EP 27 2 years ago.

New single: IN YOUR HEAD

TUTV: Expect a nasty sledgehammer blow causing maddening
mayhem in your head. It’s a mid-tempo blast dynamized with
schizophrenic guitars, hammering drumming and mind-blowing
primal screams. Metallica is playing just around the corner.
Ferocious stuff.

Hell Yeah!


BREED: Facebook – Instagram

SCREAMING FEMALES Cover NIRVANA With Some Rowdy Firepower…

2 January 2019

Firm underground rockers SCREAMING FEMALES from New Brunswick, New Jersey started their noisy career back in 2005. Led by their energetic frontwoman and guitarist Marissa Paternoster the band released seven longplayers so far. At their New Year’s Eve show at Chicago‚Äôs Beat Kitchen last Monday the impetuous threesome fired up the crowd with two highly charged covers – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Breed’ – of iconic grunge legends NIRVANA played one after the other without interruption and with some mighty crude spunk and rowdy firepower.

Catch the heat right here…