ED SHEERAN Joins BRING ME THE HORIZON At Reading/Leeds Festival Last Weekend

29 August 2022

Artwork of their ‘Bad habits’ collaboration

Pretty mental(lic). Sheffield’s clamorous metalcore noiseniks BRING ME THE HORIZON played last weekend at the Reading/Leeds festival in the UK. Once again they teamed up with megastar/songsmith ED SHEERAN (40 million followers).

Early last year BMTH joined Sheeran for a rework of his million-selling hit Bad Habits
(more than 1 billion streams on Spotify). Together they opened the Brit Awards 2022
with the track.

And they don’t get enough of each over. BMTH invited their mate for a euphoric rendition of Bad Habits at their Reading/Leeds show. Sheeran‘s rock credibility got another huge upgrade. You either love or hate him (I’m in the middle) but kudos to Bring On The Horizon who don’t care if their fans will shoot them for working with the singer-songwriter-crooner.

Anyway, this is ecstasy in motion

BMTH: Instagram
SHEERAN: Instagram

BRING ME The Noise AND THE HORIZON – Here’s New Single/Clip ‘sTraNgeRs’

New striking strokes

7 July 2022

Band: Metal rebels BRING ME THE HORIZON (Sheffield)

New single: sTraNgeRs

Oli Sykes(frontman): “The song came out of a long writing trip in LA and as soon as the lyric ‘we’re just a room full of strangers’ came it took on such a deeper double meaning – how it would feel to be performing it live as that’s what it is.. all strangers connecting on this mad level.. and that it was like rehab.

AfTeR 16 YeArS aNd 6 aLbUmS BrInG Me ThE HoRiZon bEcAmE a MaSsIvE mEaN MaChInE cHaLlEnGiNg nOiSe-BbaRrIeRs, DeCiBbeLs, YoUr SpEaKerS aNd YoUr EaRs. As TheY pRroVe OnCe AgAin WiTh ThIs HeLlIsH hAyMaKeR.

PlAy It LoUd!

BMTH: Facebook – Instagram

1,000,000,000 Views For Metallic Sheffield Rockers BRING ME THE HORIZON

14 April 2022

Metallic Sheffield rockers BRING ME THE HORIZON
have reached 1 billion streams on Spotify for their
4th monstrous LP SEMPITERNAL released in 2013.

BMOTH said: “NiNE yEArS oF SeMPiterNaL. tHAnK U”

Key single

Stream the full album…

AllMusic about ‘Sempiternal’: “Bring Me the Horizon have been working slowly but
surely to refine their sound for years now, and with Sempiternal, it feels like their patience
and hard work are finally beginning to pay dividends.”
Score: 4/5.

KERRANG Brings You The Horizon With Their New Issue

2 April 2022

The brand new KERRANG! issue brings you an exclusive interview
and photoshoot with Oli Sykes, the charismatic frontman of Sheffield’s
louder-than-war metalcore titans BRING ME THE HORIZON.

The band’s newest single…

Plus also stories about Ghost’s Tobias Forge on the road in America, about the gigs that made Bullet For My Valentine, about the Wargasm tour, the comeback of My Chemical Romance in the UK, and much more stuff.

You can order your copy HERE.


Daily electricity to load your batteries

20 February 2022

Two weeks ago the annual Brit Awards had a very unlikely surprise act
when mega singer-songwriter star ED SHEERAN and Sheffield’s noise
machine BRING ME THE HORIZON teamed up for a live rendition of
Sheeran‘s 2021 hit BAD HABITS. And? It worked, yes, it worked superbly.

Have a look…

Sheeran: “That show was nuts. We have to get one out… We’ll get Jordan [Fish] and
the lads on it, and I’ll get the vocals in. Make sure it goes proper death growl at the
end, though!”

Oil Sykes (frontman BMTH): “I’ve never had so much adrenaline pumping
through me, ever. There are so many people asking for a studio version.”

And yes, due to massive demand the collaboration
got a steamy studio version release now…

ED SHEERAN: Facebook

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 41

Every week Turn Up The Volume picks 7 new
firecrackers that burned his ears the past 7 days

‘Let’s Get This Party Started’ by TOM MORELLO (New York)

Tom Morello, the guitar hero of furious rockers Rage Against The Machine
released his 2nd solo album, titled The Atlas Underground Fire, yesterday
with a cast of big-name guests on vocals.

This one was recorded with British post-hardcore
noiseniks Bring Me The Horizon.

Wanna party? You betcha…


Recklessly‘ by JEEN (Toronto, Canada)

“After a while, it can be hard to know whether you control your destiny or if
your destiny is controlling you. ‘Recklessly’ is for when you can’t tell if you’re
moving forward or falling behind and when it’s impossible to know where
you’ll end up,”
says the Toronto songstress about her emotional eruption.

Jeen expresses doubting and depressing sentiments with grit and punch.
She shares the feelings many of us had/have to deal with due to the bizarre
times we live(d) in. One small comfort: you’re absolutely not alone.

This may help…

Jeen releases her new album Dog Bite next week, 22 October.


‘Got Me Going’ by ECLECTICUS (Canada)

Got me Going is the title track of the new EP.
by this buzz and fuzz outfit from Toronto.

Gar Reid (frontman): “Everyone seems to get supercharged before seeing
a live concert, so this song along with the music video really celebrates this
feeling associated with the pre-game festivities leading up to going to a concert!”

Not insane yet after the past crazy coronavirus crisis? Well, you have another
chance here to go out of your mind with this adrenalized vaccination of pure
rock ‘n’ roll euphoria.


‘Crutch’ by BAND OF HORSES (Seattle, US)

The Americana romantics are back and they feel good as they called their new album Things Are Great, out 21 January 2022. Well, lead-single is a pretty great thing, pushed
by a streamlined rock drive, a feet-tapping beat, and flavored with their characteristic
high-pitched vocals.

Press play and feel great too…


‘Born Too Late’ by KICK AND THE HUG (Boulder, Colorado)

The fact that this band is scattered across the country, stretching all the way from
Los Angeles to Philadelphia, and Denver doesn’t prevent the quartet to start a fire.

Born Too Late is the perfect belter to test your lungs’ flexibility. The vocal
power developed here reaches a peak when the glorious chorus comes up.

Big vibe, big tune, big kick.

Put your phone down and oil your vocal chords…


‘C’mon America’ by JEFF TWEEDY (Belleville, Illinois)

This week Wilco‘s maestro dropped two new songs. This one is my favorite.

Tweedy says: “It’s a wry classic rocker from an unreleased group of songs with
mostly sci-fi lyrics.” Sci-fi lyrics? To my ears, this song’s content is crystal clear,
hearing these lines over and over again “What you gonna do, now that the world
is turned against you / C’mon America.”

Check it out…


‘Nowhere’ by BUD (Canada)

This Canadian singer-songwriter “wanted to capture that feeling of “I have no idea
what’s going on but let’s figure this one out!” depicting the energy in a dystopian world
while recognizing that we are the energy that can create positive change.”
I guess we
all had to go through a ‘who am I?‘ phase, if not it will hit you sooner or later.

But wait, this full-on glam-bam stomper might be the start of a more optimistic state
of mind. You don’t take a risk with going loose for 160 seconds. On the contrary, free yourself, get up and dance and go somewhere.

Right here, right now…

See/hear you next week, music junkies

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 37

Every week Turn Up The Volume‘s selects 7 new
firecrackers that burned his greedy ears the past 7 days…

1. ‘Hertz’ by AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Australia)

Last week punkette Amyl and her Sniffers dropped their second smashing
album Comfort To Me on Planet Earth with ‘Hertz‘ as one of the razzle-dazzle jackhammers.

Time for some kangaroo pogo, all you punks out there…


2. ‘Beautiful James’ by PLACEBO (UK)

Placebo‘s first single in 5 years.

Brian Molko (frontman): “If the song serves to irritate the squares and the
uptight, so gleefully be it. But it remains imperative for me that each listener
discovers their own personal story within it – I really don’t want to tell you
how to feel.”

Come in, James…


3. ‘Valentine’ by SNAIL MAIL

Lindsey Jordan aka Snail Mail throws her 2nd album,
titled Valentine at the world on 5th November.

Jordan: “I wanted to take as much time as possible with this record to
make sure I was happy with every detail before unleashing it unto y’all.
Referring to the process as the deepest level of catharsis and therapy I
have ever experienced would be a huge understatement. Valentine is
my child!”

Here comes Jordan‘s macabre side. Only for cannibals
(go directly to YT via the link below)…


4. ‘Haven’t Been Doing So Well’ by FRANK TURNER

Another rockin’ taster from Turner‘s upcoming
full-length FTHC, out 22 February 2022.

Turner: “It’s been a difficult time for a lot of people and their
mental health, myself included, and discussing that openly is
important to me, so this is a song about anxiety and the
struggles that come with that.”

Sick and tired…



The metalcore junks with another bomb,
part of their Post Human EP series.

Dance along with the creeps…


6. ‘Playing The Part’ by A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS (New York)

The band’s new EP titled ‘Hologram: Destroyed & Disassembled’ will
see the light of day on the next Record Store Day, 26th November.

The first track ‘Playing The Part’ is a rather surprisingly
smooth cut for New York’s psych-o-delic gravediggers.

Feel the vibe here…


7. Body​/​Dilloway​/​Head by Body​/​Dilloway​/​Head (USA)

This side project of former Sonic Youth queen Kim Gordon and
avant-garde guitarist Bill Nace will release its second LP in November.
The duo teamed up with Aaron Dilloway for this one.

Here’s the title track.

Instrumental, otherwordly, and spellbinding…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

NOW PLAYING – Brand New LP By Sheffield Blusterers BRING ME THE HORIZON

30 October 2020

Sheffield noise turbo BRING ME THE HORIZON unleashed their 7th longplayer called POSTHUMAN HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR  today. A raging wall-of-psych-out slam dunks. An unstoppable torrent of earsplitting clamor and in-your-face uppercuts. No mercy, no noise boundaries, no rest for the wicked.

Are you looking, besides The Cramps for a Halloween soundtrack to challenge your lockdown demons? Look no further, this is the perfect shit. A 2020 steamroller.

Top (horrific Halloween) single

Full album.