10 August 2021

Who: Longtime indie pop/rockers from Brighton UK.
For 20 years, they named themselves British Sea Power,
now they have decided to change it to just Sea Power.

Why? Here’s an extract of the band’s statement:

“After much reflection and soul-searching, the band formerly known as British Sea Power
have modified their name to simply Sea Power. We’ve been British Sea Power for 20 years,
an amazing 20 years, when we’ve been able to continually traverse the British Isles, to travel
the world, encountering many friendly faces, not least in the band’s remarkable audience. But the name British Sea Power had come to feel constricting, like an ancient legacy we were carrying with us…

We all still live within the British Isles, but we are now just Sea Power. We feel the name change comes in part from the band’s audience – who at a good show will shout out, “Sea Power! Sea Power!” Maybe this name change has been there for years, shouted in our ears. It’s just taken us this long to realise – to hear what was there in front of us…”

Their 8th longplayer
Release: 11th February 2022


Vintage power pop that always gives me a heartening
and blissful feeling. They resonate as if this troubled
world we live in has a hopeful future. Two Fingers is
a glistening gem. Welcome Sea Power.

Tune in…

SEA POWER: Instagram

Sea Power… this way

(photos by Turn Up The Volume)

BRITISH SEA POWER – Anthemic Guitar Pop Avalanche In Antwerp…

Finally after four years Brighton‘s BRITISH SEA POWER are back. Their new, sixth album, the excellent and hopeful post-Brexit record LET THE DANCERS INHERIT THE PARTY is
just one of their best longplayers ever to my ears. The sparkling sextet always combined their crystal clear views on the complex society we live in with optimistic sonic ecstasy
and the new record just does the job perfectly. For some strange reasons the band never became a big act outside of the UK. As a fan myself from day one I actually don’t care as long as they spoil us with amazing music and as long as they come out to play in Belgium. Like yesterday in a cosy, small club in Antwerp. Dazzling exhilaration from start to finish.

The set evolved from anthemic pop euphoria to steamy rock vivacity with a vibrant mix
of new elevating crackers (Bad Bohemian / The Voice Of Ivy Lee / Don’t Let The Sun Get In
The Way
/ Saint Jerome) to several electrifying golden oldies (Waving Flags / I Remember /
No Lucifer / All In It
) and turning up the heat at times with some mind-blowing jams. The jubilant audience, all devoted fans, just loved every second of it and left afterwards with
a big smile on their radiant faces. That is what British Sea Power do to your state of mind. Despite the troubled times we all experience(d) they always give you the heartening and blissful feeling that, without being blind for reality, live is definitely worth living. Music is the dope! Welcome back BSP

Here’s the new album in full…

BRITISH SEA POWER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

See you later…

(all pics by Turn Up The Volume!)